Maleny Massage Services

“I do what I love and love what I do”

Remedial/Therapeutic Massage

Including Deep Tissue, Trigger Point brought together in my own Intuitive mix through 16 years of practice. This is a full or partial body massage. The choice is yours.

“My fingers and thumbs seem to have a mind of their own”

Within my massage I am able to release any trauma held in previous injuries within the body. I particularly enjoy the satisfaction of this work.


Maleny Mobile Massage ServicesThis is a whole body massage without having a massage. It leaves you feeling as though you are walking on air. This massage is often only the feet and leg to the knees. It is very relaxing as it works all systems of the body and very grounding. This is particularly good, in my observation, for those who are starting rehabilitation from substance abuse.

It often assists in a case of insomnia is a wonderful replacement massage for those who are feeling ‘off colour’ and prefer to have treatment. I personally find it a wonderful pick up on days when I am feeling less energetic.


Reflexognosy is great when your legs and feet feeling sore and are over stressed from day to day living.

Working out the stress and tension of the lower legs and feet, stretching them leaving them free of tension and leaving you feeling balanced when walking. There are associated exercise to help maintain their suppleness. A massage easily incorporated with a full body massage.


This is the first modality I learned 19 years ago in the form of Usui and Seichim and 10yrs ago, Karuna Reiki was added to the mix. This added a new dimension to my healing work which appeared ‘to up the ante’.

Reiki is a modality which combines with all other modalities effectively. I frequently feel it working within the massages I do and intentionally incorporate it.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

For me this is a recent inclusion in my healing work.

It is a particularly light touch and effective modality, helping with the balancing of the bones of the head and the spine, creating greater balance in daily life.

Genetic Balancing

This is a form of healing which was gifted to me as I was recovering from a round of chemotherapy and radiation after cervical cancer. Its base is Reiki used in a geometric along the body from the head to the feet. I was my first client as it is easily self administered.

I have observed a balance in those clients who have had it. It is a once only modality which creates balance in those who may have been subject to childhood abuse and have felt ‘stuck’ in their lives.

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